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Feeling hot hot hot!!

Hot days and nights are here again. Going in the pool at night is fantastic, the water is warm but refreshing. A cool beer in an iced glass and tzatziki make a refreshing snack at a beach bar.

bar area at night

beech marten

Beer and tzatziki at the beach

cooling off in the pool at night!

This year we have a pair of beech martens here, they are very friendly and skitter around the pool and the plants and hedges at night. I was up very early in the morning a few days ago and one of them came up and sniffed both my feet (I had showered!!). Then, when I walked up the path again, they both ran along the walls and followed me. It was a delightful little commune with nature! However, I have found out that they are eating my tomatoes off my tomato plants so that's not such a great side to having them living here!

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