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Arrival and departure dates your choice.

2023 Season

Early Season:                                                         

27th May - 29th July

(30th July - 23rd August unavailable)

Late Season:

24th August - 1st October

2024 Season

Early Season:                                                         

30th May - 1st August

(2nd August - 21st August unavailable)

Late Season:

22nd August - 5th October

2025 Season

Early Season:                                                         

31st May - 31st July

(1st August - 20th August unavailable)

Late Season:

21st August - 4th October

Please email us to make your booking:


Please note that the following prices are for bookings of 4 nights or more.  Please contact me for prices for shorter stays.


Seeka (max 2 people)


€790 per week (new price from 2025: €820 per week)

€113 per night (new price from 2025: €117 per night)


Dafni (max 2 people)        


€670 per week (new price from 2025: €700 per week)

€96 per night (new price from 2025: €100 per night)


Damaskina (max 3 people

€600 per week for a couple (new price from 2025: €630 for a couple.

€70 per week extra per person in the second bedroom. (New price from 2025: €84 per week per person in the second bedroom.) (up to 2 people)

€86 per night for a couple (new price from 2025: €90 per night)

€10 per night extra per person in second bedroom (new price from 2025: €12)

It is with reluctance that I have had to raise the prices of the villas from and including 2025.  The cost of living in Greece, and particularly electricity, as elsewhere, has forced this decision. 

Please contact us at for payment terms.


We are sorry but we don't accept dogs or cats etc. at the villas.





sunbathing by the pool


Prices are the same for all booking periods

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