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Olive Harvest at Fig Leaf Villas

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

This is one of my favourite times of year here in Messinia in Greece. The dulcet sound of the chainsaws along with the laughter and shouting of the local Greeks while they are harvesting are all part of the busy atmosphere here. So different from the lazy summer months when the olive groves are raucous again, but at that time of year it's the buzz of the cicadas rather than the chainsaws!! The oil, what was left of it that the breeze let settle onto my plate, was absolutely delicious! The first tasting is always a great delight of the season.

Sometimes the locals take their bread into the olive press and hold it under the stream of oil as it's delivered into the final vat.

The olives making their way into the sorting machine.

And across the bay are the wonderful snow-capped peaks of the Taygetos mountains:

All the seasons here have their own joys and wonders. Already the spring wildflowers are starting in the olive groves and the mountain pastures. Quee 24/1/18

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